Gold Coast Boat Anti-Fouling

What is Boat Anti-fouling?

Boat Anti-fouling is a special type of paint used on the bottom of boats to protect them from micro-organisms that can eat away at not only fibreglass boats but timber and many other types. Boat anti foul is used to put a protective layer between your boat and the marine life, anti fouling is normally a process that lasts between 12 & 18 months depending on your location. In high flow tidal areas boat anti fouling will need to be done a little more regularly than a slow moving tidal area due to many more micro-organisms passing by and attaching to the boat plus the increase in growth from simply more water/micro-organisms passing by the boat. Gold Coast Anti Fouling offer a one stop service for all your boat anti fouling needs, from brand new boats to used boats and regular anti fouling, plus we offer a range of additional services from our sister companies Runaway Bay Marine Cover and Bullet boats. Having these companies gives us the use of our extremely professional and quality tradesmen to take care of all your boat maintenance needs. We are also an agent for Prop Speed propeller anti foul to keep your boats performance.

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